Massage photo.png

Tension Massage | 50
Back, arms and neck massage. (½ Hour)

Relaxation Massage | 70
A Full Body Massage to take some of the stress out of your life. (1 Hour)

Stress Management Massage | 100
A Full Body Massage designed to alleviate the stresses of your life. (1 ½ Hours)

Hot Stone Massage | 115
Natural Stone Therapy can unlock tension deep within the muscles and help achieve total relaxation. (1 ½ Hours)

Foot Reflexology | 70
A tantalizing treatment for your feet. (Except Pregnant Women) (1 Hour)

Couples Massage | 140
A wonderful opportunity to relax with that special someone. (2 Relaxation | 1 Hour Each)

Hand And Foot Massage | 50
When you don’t need a full body massage but want to relax sore or achey feet and hands. (½ Hour)

Aroma Therapy |  Add 10